Irony's Offical Mark

Irony's Offical Mark
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Making The New Year's Food!

Right now, in our kitchen, I am trying to make these shrimp :) Cooking them in oil at this very moment :) My aunt and uncle will be coming over soon! Happy New Year!


Happy Holidays!

I think that these past weeks is one of the happiest for people. There’s gift-giving, song-sharing, and partying. I love my carols, any of my friends can tell you. I find myself singing while in the elevator with people, while doing my homework, and even in the hallway. People stare, like it’s not normal to sing during the holiday season, well maybe it’s not. I’m just not a regular person. I think that for the holiday season, everyone should be singing some kind of holiday carol. Not burst out, with all of the sudden band, and props like Glee, even though that would be pretty good. I have urges to dance on the lunch tables, sometimes. I can’t do if someone tells me to do it through. I’m stubborn like that.

                I miss the Christmas Carols on 93.9 Lite FM. All of the Christmas music all the time could put me in a good mood all the time, or time. I loved jumping in the car and bursting out singing. Have a Happy New Year!

I went on their website and you CAN listen to music online!


Scare Your Pants Off Movie.... Not really?

I watched Paranormal Activity yesterday with a bunch of friends. I thought I was going to be scared out of my wits. A couple of my friends thought that she was going to piss her pants so she brought an extra pair! That’s what she said but I don’t really think she’d actually bring pants in her Guess purse.

Here comes the Irony shot, Drink UP!

 In truth, the movie sucked that the previews were scarier than the actual movie. I can’t wait to watch The Demon Inside. (Connect the Dots!) It looks really scary. It only made me scream like once. It was that bad. I usually scream all the time. Insidious was scarier than PA3 and that was rated PG-13. I think the only reason why PA3 was rated R because of the “sex tape” he tried to make but they didn’t even doing anything! My friend, a beauty guru on YouTube, search her up, ( She sees more action at her gym that she goes to.

The previews also threw you off. The previews had the boyfriend’s friend with the two girls in a mirror playing bloody Mary and there’s supposed to be an old woman in the mirror but in the movie the ghost was a “Tall, old man named Toby”.

For me, I kind of want my money back but I had fun with my friends and my boyfriend so whatever. If I was going to the movies I would spend my money watching a hot movie like The Three Musketeers with Logan Lerman in it or Immortals with Kellan Lutz.


KE$HA! Ke to the Dolla- sign HA! Ke$ha Project!

Vertigo Shtick is officially my favorite music blog. Today I am doing a shout-out for his homage to Ke$ha. For those of you that didn't know this I love the girl and her songs. I think I die a little and then come back a a new refreshed dancing zombie whenever a new album comes out.

I literally have my own little mixed CD of all her unreleased songs. I love Ke$ha. Did I say that already? I'm sorry. Well anyways to the point is that I wanted you guys to see this guys wonderful posts about Ke$ha and Girls' Generation. For those of you that are wondering in your head what the heck is Girls' Generation. Check it out!
(Hint: Koreans rock! But I'm not Korean just to let you know. I'm Chinese.)


Movies and TV: All for One and One for all and NO DANCING???!!!!

Irony today is about Logan Lerman. I love him. He is amazing in the Lightening Thief. Now he I in the Three Musketeers and it kind of annoys me about his hair, still hot and everything though. He just maybe proves me wrong about the hair and amazes me with his acting. I can’t wait to watch him.
I loved the new last Glee episode. I really liked Brittany’s dance and song by Beyoncé’s Girls Run the World. The Chinese Guy's audition was amazing also, even if you knew that his singing was totally auto tune. I loved the Asian F joke. No offense to anyone. The whole glee cast song against Mercedes, was just… breathtaking.
Footloose. Just a gorgeous dancing movie in general, talked about for years. Even though I have never watched it myself, I have heard about its greatness. Now don’t worry about me I have a hold on it at the library and I am going to watch it soon. I literally just watched the trailer five minutes ago. I have read a couple articles about the main character girl in Teen Vogue. She’s an amazing dancer that has been on many TV shows and movies. She’s been or is on Dancing with the Stars, I don't follow it. I watched it today and it's okay. There was a lot of violence and kissing. For this reason my sister didn't like it. I thought the way the ended it was amazing. It left you with wanting more but just wanting to.... dance :)


Vollyball and Love

I'm not mixing tennis and volleyball together. Don't worry. The second volleyball try-out I was talking about earlier.... I failed them. They were looking for over- hand servers and I just wasn't an over hand server. I still have basketball going for me though. :)

I'm not going to mention any names but... I think I have a date for a sophomore homecoming dance :D

Irony Infliction: I'm only in 8th grade... Yeah I know it's pathetic for the guy but you know... I'm actually pretty hot, you know? Haha kidding kidding.



Homework and Teachers!

I am in my third week of school and I am in a advanced learning class. I'm learning HIGH SCHOOL Algebra! I'm just little worried but I'm a total nerd sometimes so I think I'll do okay.
I'm supposed to be doing my homework but got too excited when I saw that I actually had viewers! Not many viewers not at least some :) I have viewers in America which isn't saying much, Alaska, [which I know is in America but it's off the regular coasts of America] and Canada. Ha ha Canadians are the best!
Teachers are my school need to learn how to listen and pay attention to where the class is going. Today and at all of my library classes they say unappreciated words really loudly and she just ignores them! This just gets me SO frustrated! Today in Science class the same boys were totally leading the class off topic to the topic of.... no surprise here. Themselves. Wonderful topic that we ALL want to talk about. Kidding.

Today I also had vollyball try-outs. This turned out pretty good. I think I actually have a chance of getting on this year. I mean I'm more of a basketball girl myself though.

Irony here:

I like basketball better than vollyball.... then why the heck am I trying out? Fun. The whole basic thing of life.


Bitches with switches

Don't you hate girl with multi-personalities? Well. I think everyone does. I don't mind them once in a while because... you know there pretty much nothing you can do. They have to learn for themselves how to treat people with respect. They cross over the line when they make my friends cry.

Irony here:

I don't usally get upset about this stuff. But you know just venting to the world.


Posts and Research....

I love doing post for my blog here but it's another thing to do it on a school blog... :/   We gotta do three post for the whole summer not much but hard to do if you run around town all the town. Like right now I'm supposed to be writing my research paper for 8th science fair while listening to Justin Beiber, on facebook, and blogger. Not a good mix.

Bit O' Irony:

I never liked Justin but my sister sings about him all the time now. So it gets stuck in my head all the time. Bieber Fever is contagious... Watch OUT!


School's OVER!!!! AHAHAHA :D

School ended officially yesterday! I went swimming to celebrate and went to the mall in a dress. My friend convinced me to go in a dress. It wasn't my idea, just putting that out there. It was only for an hour but I got mostly the people that I want in my class. There are three homeroom teachers for my eighth grade class. We also get a new building. YAY! I also get to help one of my seventh grade teachers help move. She said she pay for lunch too. Yum!

(Just Found this Today XD)


Gleek Alert!

Kay. So my friend invited me over to watch Glee. Never watched it before. I started watching it was okay. There was a lot of drama and bad dancing for Finn. But overall it's just like any other FOX show. Great! I loved it and I plan on watching it every Wednesday.
Now if you're a real gleek you would have said in your head or out loud... what? Glee is on Tuesday. This girl is screwed up. But I don't have cable. :( Yes I know shocker! So I watch it online after it airs because that's the only day it shows :D

As you can see my fav guy is Kurt. Yes i know he's gay. But hey if he decides to be bi and bat for both teams.. I'm up for it!

Irony Alert: If ya haven't noticed straight girl likes gay guy.. :( not going to work well.

Anyways comment on what's your favorite glee guy or girl

For girl Mine's Santana! Lmao "The only straight I am is straight-up bitch!" Santana (In the closet Lesbian)


Got new Sunglasses!

Sunglasses are the BEST!
  Facts about these  AH-MAZING  accessories:
  1. UV Rays? Gone. 
  2. No UV rays =no blindness
So sunglasses are pretty much amazing  fashionable eye shields.

You may ask," Why the heck is she talking about Sunglasses?"
I shall answer ,"Because I got my new pair of sunglasses for the summer!"

I got them from Mandee's. My favorite store that I shall be modeling for next week.

I couldn't find an exact picture but this is the closest.

Irony Fact: 
I went to Mandee's once. Went in and out FOUR times because   something was always wrong. The last time we walked out... we RAN!

Remember to get your pair before  Fab summer comes!


50 Day Challage

Day 1- A profile picture.
Day 2- You eating your favorite food.
Day 3- You and a friend at McDonald's (or other fast food resteraunt)
Day 4- You standing on the kitchen table.
Day 5- You and a friend sitting on a public restroom counter top.
Day 6- You wearing an orange shirt.
Day 7 - You sleeping
Day 8- You when you were a baby/toddler.
Day 9- You climbing a tree.
Day 10- You brushing your teeth.
Day 11- You reading your favorite book.
Day 12- You at school/work.
Day 13- Your favorite shoes.
Day 14- You and a pet.
Day 15- You blowing a bubble gum bubble
Day 16- A cupcake that you made yourself.
Day 17- A drawing [by you!] of an elephant.
Day 18- You wearing a hat.
Day 19- You having a snowball fight.
Day 20- You at the beach.
Day 21- You at the food court at the mall.
Day 22- You eating a taco.
Day 23- You at the supermarket.
Day 24- You wearing sunglasses.
Day 25 (Halfway there!)- You doing your laundry.
Day 26- You and a vending machine.
Day 27- YOu and your family ♥
Day 28- You wearing an apron.
Day 29- You wearing a scarf.
Day 30- You in a car.
Day 31- You and your favorite cereal's box.
Day 32- You sitting in the sink.
Day 33- You reading the newspaper.
Day 34- You listening to your favorite song on your iPod/MP3 Player.
Day 35- You playing an instrument (or faking it)
Day 36- You in your pajamas.
Day 37- You swimming.
Day 38- You with your mom/dad.
Day 39- You IN a cardboard box.
Day 40- You lying in the grass.
Day 41- You building a sand castle.
Day 42- You on the stairs.
Day 43- You eating ice cream.
Day 44- You at a play ground.
Day 45- You playing a sport.
Day 46- You on the bus.
Day 47- You cooking.
Day 48- You taking a pic in the mirror.
Day 49- You in your favorite outfit.
Day 50- A picture of you showing how happy you are to have completed the 50 Day Challenge

I found this the awesomest thing ever! I will try it and tell you guys what I think of it. :)


We like playing tricks... Yes... Yes we Do

I think I will go crazy... I hate when guys flirt with you and then after you exchange numbers.... His girlfriend walks up....

Errgggh!!! Got stories? Please share!



I love this song two years ago and forgot about it... Then my firend brought it up and told me that it was made for her music company... maybe it will open your eyes again

Jar Of Hearts

Jar of Hearts is a beautiful song, very pure. I can't stop listening to it. Christina Perri is very very beautiful and a great singer. She has samples of other songs that she sings my favorite is "I'm yours" But then again that song means more to me than other people...