Irony's Offical Mark

Irony's Offical Mark
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Scare Your Pants Off Movie.... Not really?

I watched Paranormal Activity yesterday with a bunch of friends. I thought I was going to be scared out of my wits. A couple of my friends thought that she was going to piss her pants so she brought an extra pair! That’s what she said but I don’t really think she’d actually bring pants in her Guess purse.

Here comes the Irony shot, Drink UP!

 In truth, the movie sucked that the previews were scarier than the actual movie. I can’t wait to watch The Demon Inside. (Connect the Dots!) It looks really scary. It only made me scream like once. It was that bad. I usually scream all the time. Insidious was scarier than PA3 and that was rated PG-13. I think the only reason why PA3 was rated R because of the “sex tape” he tried to make but they didn’t even doing anything! My friend, a beauty guru on YouTube, search her up, ( She sees more action at her gym that she goes to.

The previews also threw you off. The previews had the boyfriend’s friend with the two girls in a mirror playing bloody Mary and there’s supposed to be an old woman in the mirror but in the movie the ghost was a “Tall, old man named Toby”.

For me, I kind of want my money back but I had fun with my friends and my boyfriend so whatever. If I was going to the movies I would spend my money watching a hot movie like The Three Musketeers with Logan Lerman in it or Immortals with Kellan Lutz.


KE$HA! Ke to the Dolla- sign HA! Ke$ha Project!

Vertigo Shtick is officially my favorite music blog. Today I am doing a shout-out for his homage to Ke$ha. For those of you that didn't know this I love the girl and her songs. I think I die a little and then come back a a new refreshed dancing zombie whenever a new album comes out.

I literally have my own little mixed CD of all her unreleased songs. I love Ke$ha. Did I say that already? I'm sorry. Well anyways to the point is that I wanted you guys to see this guys wonderful posts about Ke$ha and Girls' Generation. For those of you that are wondering in your head what the heck is Girls' Generation. Check it out!
(Hint: Koreans rock! But I'm not Korean just to let you know. I'm Chinese.)


Movies and TV: All for One and One for all and NO DANCING???!!!!

Irony today is about Logan Lerman. I love him. He is amazing in the Lightening Thief. Now he I in the Three Musketeers and it kind of annoys me about his hair, still hot and everything though. He just maybe proves me wrong about the hair and amazes me with his acting. I can’t wait to watch him.
I loved the new last Glee episode. I really liked Brittany’s dance and song by Beyoncé’s Girls Run the World. The Chinese Guy's audition was amazing also, even if you knew that his singing was totally auto tune. I loved the Asian F joke. No offense to anyone. The whole glee cast song against Mercedes, was just… breathtaking.
Footloose. Just a gorgeous dancing movie in general, talked about for years. Even though I have never watched it myself, I have heard about its greatness. Now don’t worry about me I have a hold on it at the library and I am going to watch it soon. I literally just watched the trailer five minutes ago. I have read a couple articles about the main character girl in Teen Vogue. She’s an amazing dancer that has been on many TV shows and movies. She’s been or is on Dancing with the Stars, I don't follow it. I watched it today and it's okay. There was a lot of violence and kissing. For this reason my sister didn't like it. I thought the way the ended it was amazing. It left you with wanting more but just wanting to.... dance :)


Vollyball and Love

I'm not mixing tennis and volleyball together. Don't worry. The second volleyball try-out I was talking about earlier.... I failed them. They were looking for over- hand servers and I just wasn't an over hand server. I still have basketball going for me though. :)

I'm not going to mention any names but... I think I have a date for a sophomore homecoming dance :D

Irony Infliction: I'm only in 8th grade... Yeah I know it's pathetic for the guy but you know... I'm actually pretty hot, you know? Haha kidding kidding.