Irony's Offical Mark

Irony's Offical Mark
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KE$HA! Ke to the Dolla- sign HA! Ke$ha Project!

Vertigo Shtick is officially my favorite music blog. Today I am doing a shout-out for his homage to Ke$ha. For those of you that didn't know this I love the girl and her songs. I think I die a little and then come back a a new refreshed dancing zombie whenever a new album comes out.

I literally have my own little mixed CD of all her unreleased songs. I love Ke$ha. Did I say that already? I'm sorry. Well anyways to the point is that I wanted you guys to see this guys wonderful posts about Ke$ha and Girls' Generation. For those of you that are wondering in your head what the heck is Girls' Generation. Check it out!
(Hint: Koreans rock! But I'm not Korean just to let you know. I'm Chinese.)

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