Irony's Offical Mark

Irony's Offical Mark
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Gleek Alert!

Kay. So my friend invited me over to watch Glee. Never watched it before. I started watching it was okay. There was a lot of drama and bad dancing for Finn. But overall it's just like any other FOX show. Great! I loved it and I plan on watching it every Wednesday.
Now if you're a real gleek you would have said in your head or out loud... what? Glee is on Tuesday. This girl is screwed up. But I don't have cable. :( Yes I know shocker! So I watch it online after it airs because that's the only day it shows :D

As you can see my fav guy is Kurt. Yes i know he's gay. But hey if he decides to be bi and bat for both teams.. I'm up for it!

Irony Alert: If ya haven't noticed straight girl likes gay guy.. :( not going to work well.

Anyways comment on what's your favorite glee guy or girl

For girl Mine's Santana! Lmao "The only straight I am is straight-up bitch!" Santana (In the closet Lesbian)


Got new Sunglasses!

Sunglasses are the BEST!
  Facts about these  AH-MAZING  accessories:
  1. UV Rays? Gone. 
  2. No UV rays =no blindness
So sunglasses are pretty much amazing  fashionable eye shields.

You may ask," Why the heck is she talking about Sunglasses?"
I shall answer ,"Because I got my new pair of sunglasses for the summer!"

I got them from Mandee's. My favorite store that I shall be modeling for next week.

I couldn't find an exact picture but this is the closest.

Irony Fact: 
I went to Mandee's once. Went in and out FOUR times because   something was always wrong. The last time we walked out... we RAN!

Remember to get your pair before  Fab summer comes!