Irony's Offical Mark

Irony's Offical Mark
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Gleek Alert!

Kay. So my friend invited me over to watch Glee. Never watched it before. I started watching it was okay. There was a lot of drama and bad dancing for Finn. But overall it's just like any other FOX show. Great! I loved it and I plan on watching it every Wednesday.
Now if you're a real gleek you would have said in your head or out loud... what? Glee is on Tuesday. This girl is screwed up. But I don't have cable. :( Yes I know shocker! So I watch it online after it airs because that's the only day it shows :D

As you can see my fav guy is Kurt. Yes i know he's gay. But hey if he decides to be bi and bat for both teams.. I'm up for it!

Irony Alert: If ya haven't noticed straight girl likes gay guy.. :( not going to work well.

Anyways comment on what's your favorite glee guy or girl

For girl Mine's Santana! Lmao "The only straight I am is straight-up bitch!" Santana (In the closet Lesbian)


  1. I love all your posts(: My favorite glee person is Brittany thanks bye (; keep posting!

  2. Ohhhh, i realy love Kurt, i belive i met him ever. :]