Irony's Offical Mark

Irony's Offical Mark
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Bitches with switches

Don't you hate girl with multi-personalities? Well. I think everyone does. I don't mind them once in a while because... you know there pretty much nothing you can do. They have to learn for themselves how to treat people with respect. They cross over the line when they make my friends cry.

Irony here:

I don't usally get upset about this stuff. But you know just venting to the world.


Posts and Research....

I love doing post for my blog here but it's another thing to do it on a school blog... :/   We gotta do three post for the whole summer not much but hard to do if you run around town all the town. Like right now I'm supposed to be writing my research paper for 8th science fair while listening to Justin Beiber, on facebook, and blogger. Not a good mix.

Bit O' Irony:

I never liked Justin but my sister sings about him all the time now. So it gets stuck in my head all the time. Bieber Fever is contagious... Watch OUT!


School's OVER!!!! AHAHAHA :D

School ended officially yesterday! I went swimming to celebrate and went to the mall in a dress. My friend convinced me to go in a dress. It wasn't my idea, just putting that out there. It was only for an hour but I got mostly the people that I want in my class. There are three homeroom teachers for my eighth grade class. We also get a new building. YAY! I also get to help one of my seventh grade teachers help move. She said she pay for lunch too. Yum!

(Just Found this Today XD)