Irony's Offical Mark

Irony's Offical Mark
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Jeydon Wale!

I'm so happy! Jeydon is finally following me on tumblr! I put a thing that said, "maybe if I reblogged enough food, then maybe jeydon wale might follow me."

I love you Jeydon!


I won!

I would like to thank Channel HMC for nominating me :)
^her fabulous website

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  1. I'm a halfise, which means I'm half Chinese and half European
  2. I can do a back bend
  3. I hate pickles.. like i'll puke if I smell them.
  4. I didn't have wavy hair until 5th grade
  5. My room is pink
  6. I have a crush on Danny Phantom ;)
  7. I'm on the basketball team but is terrible

Follow them: that would mean the world to me :)

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  15. (Fashion) I love my blog too! ;)


Check It Out ;)


Congress is now trying to stop internet from expressing their opinion. Their reason? To go against piracy.  They don't even take down the illegal sites in the bill. I won't be able to express my opinion. It's like when you get frustated when you can't comment anymore because other people said bad stuff on your favorite YouTube video. That's just sad....

I remember when I learned in class that some countries can't view certain things because dictators don't allow it because the people might rebel. I feel really bad for those countries. I'm glad that I live in America, a free country. I think that freedom of press should apply also to the Internet. If they violate this, then they are violating the Constitution and that is plain wrong. Seriously, Congress?

So please! Help the world and sign a petition online with any site. There are many sites that you can go on:

Even Google is taking part :)

I like Wikipedia's because they encourage you to call your district leaders in your zip code :D

Watch this video :) it's very moving