Irony's Offical Mark

Irony's Offical Mark
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Happy Holidays!

I think that these past weeks is one of the happiest for people. There’s gift-giving, song-sharing, and partying. I love my carols, any of my friends can tell you. I find myself singing while in the elevator with people, while doing my homework, and even in the hallway. People stare, like it’s not normal to sing during the holiday season, well maybe it’s not. I’m just not a regular person. I think that for the holiday season, everyone should be singing some kind of holiday carol. Not burst out, with all of the sudden band, and props like Glee, even though that would be pretty good. I have urges to dance on the lunch tables, sometimes. I can’t do if someone tells me to do it through. I’m stubborn like that.

                I miss the Christmas Carols on 93.9 Lite FM. All of the Christmas music all the time could put me in a good mood all the time, or time. I loved jumping in the car and bursting out singing. Have a Happy New Year!

I went on their website and you CAN listen to music online!

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