Irony's Offical Mark

Irony's Offical Mark
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Homework and Teachers!

I am in my third week of school and I am in a advanced learning class. I'm learning HIGH SCHOOL Algebra! I'm just little worried but I'm a total nerd sometimes so I think I'll do okay.
I'm supposed to be doing my homework but got too excited when I saw that I actually had viewers! Not many viewers not at least some :) I have viewers in America which isn't saying much, Alaska, [which I know is in America but it's off the regular coasts of America] and Canada. Ha ha Canadians are the best!
Teachers are my school need to learn how to listen and pay attention to where the class is going. Today and at all of my library classes they say unappreciated words really loudly and she just ignores them! This just gets me SO frustrated! Today in Science class the same boys were totally leading the class off topic to the topic of.... no surprise here. Themselves. Wonderful topic that we ALL want to talk about. Kidding.

Today I also had vollyball try-outs. This turned out pretty good. I think I actually have a chance of getting on this year. I mean I'm more of a basketball girl myself though.

Irony here:

I like basketball better than vollyball.... then why the heck am I trying out? Fun. The whole basic thing of life.

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